TelxSendIt, Inc. is the leading provider of extended enterprise collaboration services, with millions of registered users in 193 countries across 98 percent of the Fortune 500. The company’s online services span from simple file sharing to a comprehensive content collaboration suite of services that allow users across an entire organization to securely share content, sign documents, and access files from any mobile device or PC. Workstream by TelxSendIt™, the company’s flagship enterprise content collaboration offering, allows professionals to collaborate on content with users both inside and outside their organization while providing IT with centralized security policy and administrative controls to manage the flow of work across the entire extended enterprise. Headquartered in Campbell, CA, TelxSendIt is a privately held company backed by venture capital firms Adams Street Partners, Alloy Ventures, Emergence Capital Partners, Sevin Rosen Funds and Sigma Partners.


Send Files Easily send and receive content with the comfort of email without the hassle of inbox limits.

Share Folders Wherever you go, there they are…cloud-based folders for you and your team, at work and on-the-go.

Sign Documents Get business done online. Sign documents online with your keyboard, mouse or mobile touchscreen.


Sending Large Files
If sending large files is proving to be a heavy burden, it’s time to lighten up – with the power to send files and folders up to 2GB in seconds. No bounced emails, clogged inboxes, CDs or couriers. No confusing FTP management for users or clients…

Receiving Large Files
Easy on you. Even easier on clients and customers! No more complicated FTP or downloading large files split across multiple emails. Receiving means clicking on a link in the delivery email to download the sent file. Just as easily as you, your colleagues and clients can send large files from our web-based Dropbox and Sitedrop interfaces with a click…

Email Attachments
There’s no dressing it up. Users who email large files risk data loss and violate federal law and company policy. But TelxSendIt is so easy users won’t do workarounds and is highly secure, meeting standards that include HIPAA. And central policy management gives you visibility into data transfers plus the power to exercise better governance…

FTP Replacement
How much time does it take to support FTP? How much time would you rather it took? If your answer is “zero” then your wish is our command! TelxSendIt services require zero hardware and software support and very little training (it’s that easy). Yet its security, bandwidth, scalability and low cost mean less IT burden and risk for your company than FTP… and high user adoption, too…

Managed File Transfer
The penalties of outgrowing email attachments and FTP can be severe. Stolen records have cost companies billion of dollars in lost business, fines and productivity. The rewards of Managed File Transfer from TelxSendIt are equally dramatic. Deploying in minutes, it puts transfer activity under central control, ensuring tight policy enforcement and regulatory compliance, effective verified file delivery and fulfillment of SLAs. Can you afford not to find out more?

Secure File Transfer
Every time employees use email, FTP or couriers to share information, sensitive data could be exposed – a risk you can eliminate in minutes with TelxSendIt. As secure as it is easy, TelxSendIt security capabilities include file-level password, SSL encryption and file expiration settings. Our data center facilities are well guarded – our servers, network and data storage the same…