Telx’s full-service IT outsourcing expands our clients’ IT capabilities with exceptional service. We provide proactive, fixed-price support programs that keep your IT spending under control and deliver proactive network monitoring and support. Servers scheduled maintenance is a vital part of a business life cycle. Yes, we offer that too!
The environmental and social challenges we face in the world today require creativity and collaboration to overcome. Information technology (IT) plays a key role in addressing many of the challenges we confront. At Telx, we enable people to tackle these issues with the innovative use of IT.
At Telx, We Maximize the Value of Your IT investments by Building a resilient information infrastructure that requires skilled technical professionals to transform products into IT solutions; that address your business challenges.
One of the many things Telx implements as a vital stage for building a relationship with its clients was the IT Service membership packages. These packa-ges are delivered to the customer by 3 layers and depending on the necessity of each client’s industry, the client can choose the right level that fits their business.
Building the trust relationship throughout the membership packages between Telx and every client, was one the greatest innovation to the start of Telx.


Our Clients
Telx’s promise to the Technology marketplace is unquestionably bold: our Solving Forward philosophy, Telx provides unparalleled service and exceptional support. But,as thousands of companies all over the nation will attest, it is a promise we have delivered the service on time and time again. Here are just some of the well-known and well-respected organizations that have discovered unprecedented simplicity, scalability and cost reduction with Telx Technology solutions:

Partners and Support
Telx has assembled a national team of employees, strategic partners, resellers and support personnel. Here are just few of our well known, industry leaders partners:


Telx Computers is proud to share our state of the art monitoring system and command center with you. Telx is at the forefront of systems monitoring software and that service is now available to all our Tier 1 clients. Telx Computers monitoring system is an entirely different experience. Our service goal is zero calls from our customers. The reasoning is that if you have to call for service, then we didn’t do our job in detecting and fixing the problem BEFORE it got to you.
Anyone can say they monitor your network, but do they really have the technology that proves to be the very best?