Advanced Security for Your Enterprise Data
Telx® is the most ensured company to provide Comprehensive online data protection. Telx has an intuitive & reliable Online service to safe & secure your growing business data. With built-in redundancy across multiple locations, Telx uses an enterprise-grade infrastructure for superior data protection.

Telxbackup at a glance
Telx Inc., was established in 2002 and has become the 5th largest IT Company rated by PC Magazine. Our offices are spread around in Miami FL, Manhattan, NY and Dallas, TX.

Our Philosophy
Our total customer satisfaction philosophy has provided us a model for exceptional service delivery and support. This model of excellence makes Telx, the destination of choice for all technology needs, at a very competitive price.

The best deal in backup, hands-down
We served all types of businesses such as real estate, law firms, mortgage agents, brokers and their prospective agencies; banks, financial institutions, schools, hotels, bars and restaurants, airline companies, real states, foreign government agencies and hospitals. Ranging from small businesses to large businesses we have served everywhere.

Back up your digital life at home

Online backup your entire computer
Photos, videos, music, etc. Live online support 24/7

Back up your business files

Backup all documents and files
Online technical support is available Live
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Convenient to Install

An Automatic or scheduled backups make easy process by installing the software, It takes very little time to install. Once you have installed, data starts getting uploaded to Telx online backup.

Fast-flying Backup Process

Run the initial backup software and select your backup settings and folder that you want to take on backup services. High speed Internet connections make Telx backup fast. When you use this service, it becomes easy and reliable also. The backup runs just like a traditional tape backup and can be scheduled manually. Automatic updates of your backup files and whenever you are done editing the file it gets uploaded into the online data backup according to your fixed schedule.

Encrypted data transmission

Telx server backup organizations run their own tape backups, adding yet another layer of security for your records. Data transmission over the Internet is perfectly safe through the use of advanced encryption technology that prevents anyone who doesn’t have your password from accessing your data backup.

Anywhere & Anytime Accessible

Users can make backup from any location and also access at multiple computers, making risk free data backup. You can access your files from anywhere at any time. If you lose your computer and data, and need to access an important file, don’t need to worry, simply you can access your files from other’s systems. As long as you can access the Internet, you can access your files.